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Independent UK based studio, founded by industry professionals with with more than a decade of development  experience and a track record for quality and polished experience for the likes of Naturalmotion, Square Enix, Gameloft and many more.

Here at Polyart we pride ourselves on our ability to wear multiple hats during development, combined with our streamlined pipeline which allows us to prototype and create content at blazing fast speeds. We also offer some of our high-quality tools and assets to other developers wishing to take their games to the next level.



Pixel 2D - Complete 2D Engine for Unreal

Pixel 2D is a plugin for Unreal Engine that was recently awarded an Epic Megagrant and which aims to pick-up where  Paper2D left off. It's intended as an evolution of Paper2D and contains everything you need to create amazing 2D games. No C++ knowledge is required, everything is accessible through blueprints.

Other Tools/Assets

We have many more tools and assets on the Unreal and Unity Marketplaces, including an extensive collection of AAA Stylized Open World Environments!

Coming soon...

We're currently working on a few extremely exciting projects that are bound to surpass everything we've released so far. Stay tuned for more information coming in Summer 2021.



We are currently in the preproduction and prototype phase of several exciting new IPs. If you are a publisher and wish to know more, please Contact Us.

Our philosophy for creating games is simple. We want to make premium quality games that players can enjoy across all platforms.That's why we design them from the start to be visually stunning and engaging to play both on mobile and handheld platforms as well as PCs and console ones.

We come from a predominantly mobile & PC background, with both premium and freemium success stories in our portfolio. You can see a list of titles our founders were involved in below.



Our founders and leads can be found below.

Alex budnariu

Creative Director

Former Lead Designer with over 9 years of experience in the industry and 11 published titles with over 100 million players between them.


Project Management, Game Design, UI/UX Design, Technical Design, Level Design, System Design, Monetization Design, Unity, Unreal Engine, Visual Programming.

Ioana Santamarian

Art Director

Environment focused 3D artist with a love for stylized art and a passion for all things procedural.


Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Houdini, Quixel Mixer, Blender, Photoshop, Unreal Engine.

Gabriel M.

Tech Lead

Software engineer with a background in in CPU architecture design who spent the last 2 years taking game engines apart and sometimes putting them back together


C++, Java, Technical Design, Project Management, Unity, Unreal Engine, Tool Development



We have currently partnered with Darewise in order to assist in the design and production of their upcoming online multiplayer action game Life Beyond

Life Beyond is a fast-paced multiplayer action game, in which players team up and venture into a new world’s uncharted territory, exploring ancient ruins, overcoming dangers and accomplishing missions to try and uncover the secrets of the universe.

We previously partnered with Decagames in order to assist in the design and production of their successful PC pixel art MMORPG : Realm of the Mad God.

Realm of the Mad God is a "massively multiplayer cooperative bullet hell shooter" with an 8-bit pixel art style.It features 15 different character classes and is one of the few games out there that features permadeath.

Do you have an awesome idea that needs to be fleshed out and transformed into a game? Do you have a game already released that has been struggling to engage and monetize players?

We provide a full array of services from complete game development , game asset creation and design consultancy. Check below for our full list of services and don't hesitate to Contact Us.



Game Development

We currently use a mix of Unreal Engine and Unity, depending on the needs of the project. We provide full development services, from ideation and pre-production to product launch and post-launch support..That includes game design, project management, code implementation, asset creation and  3rd party library integrations.

Game Design

Not all projects need complete game development support. Some just need ideas fleshed out or existing designs reviewed and improved.We offer data driven design services for both new and existing projects including but not limited to : brainstorming, ideation, feature design, system design, game & economy balancing.


We help you monetize your game the right way, by custom tailoring the monetization system for each game by offering good value propositions to players, keeping them engaged for long periods of time. Our past experience taught us what the best practices are and most importantly, how to overcome the most common challenges associated to game monetization.

Technical Design

Content production is a major cost in videogame development. Having the correct pipeline setup for content production can sometimes be the difference between success and failure in the industry. 

We work with you to setup the best production pipeline suitable for your game and budget. We help you choose the best 3D modeling and animation software and practices suitable for your studio. We help you integrate  procedural tools such as Houdini , Quixel and Subtance that can significantly decrease iteration time and reduce the amount of discarded work, allowing you to release great games even faster.

Asset Creation

Need assets for you upcoming games or projects? We offer bespoke asset creation for all stages of development. From grayboxing and terrain creation to complete environments fully textured, rigged, animated and assembled directly in your engine of choice.

We use a wide array of industry standard software and have specialized pipelines depending on the project engine and needs. 

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